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And THE BINAURAL SOURCE has our Three Binaurals to introduce more headphone listeners to the wonders of the virtual audio experience! Sample the thrills of audio drama, varied music, everyday sounds around you, and nature sounds. It's 3 1/2 hours in a Virtual Audio World!



THE MIST, by Stephen King (CD) D-2  Reg. Price: $15 [now at $12 with Trio]
The best non-music binaural demo available! Macabre-master King is perfect for binaural reproduction! Fully dramatized by ZBS Media with a large cast; performed and recorded on location in New England. 73 minutes, from Simon & Schuster AudioWorks.Very scary and Highly Recommended.
THE VIRTUAL AUDIO SAMPLER (CD)  S-5 Reg. Price: $14 [now at $11 with Trio offer]
This is now the best all-around binaural demo on CD combining a variety of music with a variety of sound effects - 32 tracks recorded with the Aachen Head, incl. a binaural tour of San Francisco and tracks from other Heyday CDs in our catalog. Some fascinating sounds! 71 minutes.
Selected disc from The EARTH SOUND SERIES (CD)  Reg. Price: $10 [Now at $8 with Trio offer]
One of the outstanding environmental sound discs from The Sound Tracker - Gordon Hempton. Includes descriptions of all nature sounds and when they occur in the program. A great introduction to the thrills of nature sounds via binaural reproduction! Highly Recommended!
Limited Time Offer! 3 Terrific and Varied Binaural Demo CDs - They currently list at $39 total, and are yours now for a low $31 = more than 20% savings!

Special "THREE BINAURALS" 3 CDs......................$31

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