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Suppose television had never been invented. Audio entertainment in the home might well have evolved into a medium for presenting drama - early radio programming brought up to date...Combine this with the largely untapped potential of binaural sound and you have the potential for a whole new sensory experience...
Thomas J. Norton, STEREOPHILE

AURA, by Carlos Fuentes D-1 cassette only, $10
The strange and hypnotic style of Fuentes' exquisite chiller is captured by ZBS Media using actual sounds recorded in Mexico City and an original score. You feel this beautiful, chilling story is happening to you! Original digital recording with Neumann head, 60 min. only on chrome realtime Dolby B cassette.


THE MIST!, by Stephen King     CD, D-2 $15 *****

"The best non-music binaural demo available anywhere!" Macabre-master King is perfect for binaural reproduction! Fully dramatized by ZBS Media with a large cast; performed and recorded on location in New England. 73 minutes, from Simon & Schuster AudioWorks. Very Highly Recommended.
Clearly demonstrates the dramatic possibilities of the binaural art...It's a striking recording...The sense of depth and space is startling; the ambient feel of the environment combined with the sense of movement and positioning of the dialog and highly effective sound effects, makes for a memorable experience...Listen in a darkened room for maximum impact. ­­ Thomas J. Norton, STEREOPHILE

THE MALTESE GODDESS, by Meatball Fulton (CD version) D-7 $15
Cassette version, D-8 $10

This post-modern 3D detective musical, set in the 1930's, pays homage to and also spoofs the film noir genre. Composer Tim Clark has given quirky songs to some of the characters. ZBS recorded the drama on location in the streets, old cars, cellars and buildings where the story happens. Rec. with "Fritz" and available on CD as well as 75 min. realtime chrome Dolby B cassette.

STICKS & O BOY O BOY O - D-10 CD only, $12
ZBS has taken two of their best offerings from The Cabinet of Dr. Fritz series on cassette and remastered them on a single CD with improved sonics. Karl Edward Wagner's "Sticks" concerns a couple investigating an abandoned farmhouse surrounded by sculptures of twisted sticks in the form of bizarre crucifixes. They come across evidence of a prehistoric cult, including a stone burial chamber, and soon learn that some of the cult might still be there! As premiered for a Halloween Special on NPR a few years ago. "O Boy O" is a computer programmer in the future who creates new lives for criminals whose old personalities have been erased by the authorities. Some of his creations find out about their programmed lives, are not happy with them, and come looking for their creator. This one was very effectively recorded in the streets of San Francisco using a portable "Fritz" head, and provides a terrific binaural dramatic experience.

NEW!  FAT CATS - The Latest Binaural Audio Drama from ZBS! - Written & Produced by Tom Lopez, Cast of 12, Music by Tim Clark, 1 1/2 hour full production

ZBS Foundation (2 CDs) $22.50 D-11

Willie is an amateur sleuth who loves reading detective novels. He's hired to paint the living room of a lavish summer home on an island in the Hudson River. The place belongs to wealthy Lucas Trust, who seems to have made it, including a wet T-shirt model girlfriend. Suddenly a car bomb wipes out Lucas and Willie tries to piece together the clues to what happened. A character in the novels Willie reads begins talking to Willie inside his head and instructing him in how to solve who blew up Lucas. Slowly the fictitious gumshoe begins to merge with the real Willie. Witty and imaginative use of binaural for this effect, as well as throughout, and plenty of sound effects and music too. There are six chapters on each of the CDs, to wit: 1) Short Top; Shades; Berkeley Bob; Annie; Christie; A Good Shot; 2) Mickey Spillane; Lucas Trust; On the Bridge; Tweety Bird; A Kayak?; All in One Day.

[ZBS nicknamed their Neumann head "Fritz" and find that he picks up sounds "so perfectly that you'll be convinced that those heavy shuffling footsteps, demented little chuckles and wheezing gasps are actually six inches from the nape of your neck." They also report that "to get the full effect: the subtleties, nuances and all the three- dimensional As-Though- You-Were-There wowie-zowies -- headphones are best!"]

NOTE: While the rest of the highly imaginative audio drama series produced by Tom Lopez and his ZBS Foundation are mixed for stereo rather than binaural, you will find that the natural sound effects in nearly all the other productions were recorded originally in binaural. They add greatly to one's involvement in listening to the tapes & CDs on headphones. If you are interested in their other offerings, go to the ZBS Foundation catalog here.

= CDs with this icon give the very Best Binaural sonic experience of all those in our catalog.

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