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Unlike the many ordinary stereo nature sound recordings currently available, these binaural environments put YOU right in the meadow, forest or jungle rather than just making pleasant background sounds. If you hear a toad, that toad is not just a part of the sound mix, it's on a rock four feet to your right and two feet high. Lie back, relax, close your eyes and travel binaurally for some very effective stress reduction (except perhaps for the track with the rattlesnake on it!).

This fascinating CD captures the varied calls and songs of birds during courtship and mating, plus warning and flight calls and the drumming of woodpeckers. Recorded in Germany's forests and meadows. Some tracks use additional mikes in tandem with the Neumann head. Detailed notes in English    Above: nature recordist Walter Tilgner and dummy head mike system.

Gordon Hempton, "The Sound Tracker." and his nature series,


Hempton is an award-winning environmental sound recordist dedicated to the preservation of nature's wild range of sound without studio gimmickry. He seeks out the last places on earth free from human-created noises. Then he carefully and patiently positions himself and his Neumann head to capture a perfect sound picture of Earth's delicate melodies.

Notice: Earth Sounds CDs have been discontinued by the manufacturer. We have only a few titles left.


Frogs and toads perform an evening serenade in Appalachia. Swamp, riverbank and lake offer natural sonic amphitheaters.

A sonic migration upstream from the mouth to the source of pure water. Tumbling water, birdsongs and rain.

A portrait of frontier America via crickets, songbirds, alpine waterfall, ocean surf, wind and midnight wolf call concert.
Each day across the country, when the sun reaches six degrees below the horizon, the birds begin to vocalize. Twenty songbird habitats represent North America's Dawn Chorus.

Hempton took his Dawn Chorus project around the globe to aurally experience sunrise at 17 different locations on six continents. The entire earth is a living and dynamic musical score released by the sun's rays as the globe turns. A fine companion to the Dawn Chorus.

Another sound-tracker, working on the East Coast, Peter Acker employs a similar modus operandi to Hempton in his "Sounds from a Peaceful Planet" series. Not another soul in sight - just you and New England's fabled beauty - Tranquil Forest, Ebbing Tides, Pre-dawn Rain, Birds of the Wood, Stream Peace, Afternoon on Green Mt., Surfside at Dusk.. Awe-inspiring sounds transport you and put you in touch with serenity. Neumann head, 58 min.


Peter Acker's second "Sounds from a Peaceful Planet" is a collection of waterbound rhythms, including Fresh Water's Dance, Underground Journey, Winter's Final Bow, Morning Tides, Island Eve, Sunset at the Cove, Thunder Hole Serenade and Midnight at Earth's Edge. Soothing and evocative sounds that will transport you and slowly wash away your cares and stresses. Neumann head, 58 min.


SOUNDS OF NATURE SERIES - Chuck Plaisance and Suzanne Doucet

SOUNDS OF NATURE - Sampler (CD) E-31 $16

Virtual Audio Environments recorded by Chuck Plaisance, who traveled the globe with his Aachen Head mike system to create a 20-CD catalog of binaural sounds ranging from the rainforest to the Mohave desert and Pacific Ocean. Sampler has about 5 minutes from every one of the complete set of sounds.

NEW! Here are three of the most-requested of the
3D SOUNDS OF NATURE Binaural Series:

Hear the crash and thunder of the mighty oceans as it meets the shore. Salt spray is in the air as seagulls screech and whirl above you; 49 min.




Prairie grass dances restlessly in the sudden gust of wind. From the far horizon, a rumble is heard as the storm approaches. The world awaits the release of rain from the dark clouds; 50 min.



As the sun sets the nighttime creatures begin to stir. A chorus of coyotes howl at the moon. Deer and elk forage in herds. Owls hoots and a night wind moans softly through the twisting canyon.; 52 min.




POWERING THE CLASSICS - A Coffee-Table Book for the Ears -
Classic Powerboats sing! E-29 (2CDs) $27

Speaker-busting sounds of antique raceboats and wooden speedboats' roaring engines plus interviews with restorers and proud owners. 41 tracks on two CDs. Aachen head rec. excercises the entire dynamic range incl. high levels down to below 1 Hz! A really dangerous CD; so keep your hands on the level control at all times! Virtual Visit label. RRRRRRRRuuuuummmmmmmmm!

MUSIC TO YOUR EARS - Steam Trains in the 1990's Vol. 1 - E-30 CD $18
Rec. made with custom binaural mikes at five steam train centers in the UK. Total of 54 tracks segued into a continuous listening experience, yet individually accessible. A thrill for all train buffs who have the ears to hear and the imagination to imagine. Steam Train label.

SOUNDS FROM THE PERUVIAN RAINFOREST, The Living Air - Peter Acker E-26 $16
And as far as we're concerned, the most dramatic, jaw-dropping, involving nature sound binaural CD we have ever offered! Sounds from the Peruvian Rainforest is the third binaural CD from Vermont-based nature recordist Peter Acker. He traveled the upper reaches of the Amazon with his two dummy heads, and captured with amazing realism such aural high points as a bird's-ear perspective on dawn's first sounds from a unique walkway 118 feet above the jungle floor, screaming Pihas (who really do scream), a chorus of Laughing Frogs (who sound like munchkins sitting on your shoulders sharing hilarious one-liners), and a sheet of rain which will have you opening your eyes to make certain you're not really getting drenched! These are live performances not to be missed. The 14 varied tracks were recorded at the Amazon Center for Environmental Education and Research.

[Also don't miss the many environmental sounds included on the Aldabaran Sampler, The Binaural Demo CD, and the Binaural Audition cassette!]

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