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Side 1 is music; Side 2 sound environments. Cello quartet, sax quartet, percussion group, jazz group, gospel trio, Andean folk group, mandolin orchestra, train ride, church bells, lions, wave organ, German beer garden, Las Vegas sounds, Chinatown, SF cable car, New Orleans sound tour, white water rafting & more. Produced by John Sunier using primarily Sennheiser MKE 2002 mike system. A great introduction to binaural sound and I recommend it highly. - Al Fasoldt in FANFARE. Realtime Dolby B cassette on high quality high-bias Fuji tape, 60+ min. [This is the only recording in our catalog that is not compatible for loudspeaker playback since the consumer-level mike system was not equalized for proper speaker playback.]

VIRTUAL AUDIO Sampler S-5 $14

32 varied tracks of music from various Heyday CDs plus sound effects recorded with the Aachen dummy head. Probably the best fidelity of all our samplers! There's folk, world, pop music, percussion and big band, including the Club Foot Orchestra, Sonya Hunter, Chris Cacavas, Connie Champagne. Also thunderstorm, a shampoo, animal sounds, a San Francisco sound tour, taking a bath, at the races, violin practice, animal farm,howling dog, etc. 71 min., produced by Ron Gompertz. New cover art & jewel box are only changes from the previous release. Our best all-around introduction to the wonders of binaural reproduction on a single CD!

ALDEBARAN -- 3D SOUND (Holophonics Sampler) S-7 CD $15
Hugo Zuccarelli's sampler of sound effects and short music selections designed to demonstrate his patented Holophonics approach to binaural. Incl. the famous shaking matchbox, haircut & blower, bees, balloon, plastic bag, birds, airplanes, fireworks, thunder, racing cars. Plus South American folk music with guitars, panpipes, vocals,bagpipes etc. 26 tracks, concluding with big orchestral fanfare. An excellent introduction to binaural which captures all the positions of all the sounds in the surrounding space just as we hear it in real life.


Automatically cleans the optics of CD players' laser lenses, with aural instruections in four languages. Also includes a 9 min. excerpt of above Holophonics sound sampler. (Holophonics)




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"OUT OF CHURCHES" Sampler from KlangRaume -  S-9  CD  $10 separately
Lower Price - Correct!The KlangRäume folks present here two complete tracks from each of their CDs listed above that were all recorded with the Aachen Head in the spatial acoustics of various churches and cathedrals (with the exception of the first two tracks - providing an interesting comparison). Primarily tonal improvisatory music that falls in the cracks between classical and jazz. Includes Vivaldi's Four Seasons on multiple marimbas, Bach Chorales with brass players and pipe organ, trombone & elec. guitar duo, spatial music from a solo reed improvisator, and Charlie Parker's Yardbird Suite!  Really fascinating sounds plus a great price! Or Free!

REVIEWS OF RECORDINGS BY CHORALCONCERT, performing on the majority of the 14 tracks on the Sampler CD:

The organ screams, and the sax leads the lonely melody of Out of the Depths I Cry to You.  Slowly despair fades and an electric guitar joins in support. Upon celebrating Martin Luther's 500th anniversary, the trio ChoralConcert recorded 14 hymns by the Protestant reformer. The jazz musicians...mold the religious spirit of the songs as Luther wished ...that not pray the lips alone but that the words flow from the bottom of the heart.  = FOCUS magazine.

The way that the improvisations of the two jazz musicians and choir master complete, intensify and increase each other, I dare to call a miracle!This Reformation hymns are both calling upon the European tradition and also reflect the present. Organist Karl Scharnweber...contributes his fair share to this profession's achievements that have honored the art of improvisation for centuries now. This recording, a sequel to ChoralConcert Vol. I, offers an outstanding sound quality as did its predecessor. = HI-FI VISION.

Organist Karl Scharnweber, educated in Halle, has joined with two jazz musicians, saxophonist and flutist Thomas Klemm, and guitarist Wolfgang Schmiedt. Both studied at the Hanns Eisler University of Music in Berlin and have been internationally acclaimed ever since. This time they have chosen eight Lutheran hymns dating back to between 1480 and 1680. they have rearranged the hymns in an unusual way and turned them into strikingly contemplative improvisations. This is a performance of hymns expressing a surprising musicality. It is a music filled with thoughts, revealing a restrained dramatic force fed by great patience. Each hymn if differently arranged. Some are jubilantly performed by the pipe organ before the sax joins in celebrating the theme of the hymn. In others, the flute is trilling in duet with the tuned-down electric guitar. Then a hymn starts out unorganized, taking some time before the theme reveals itself. Finally, the organ strikes heavy, dissonant chords or gives way to the sax's version of a devotional paraphrase. Listening to these recordings, you will always sense the location and space. You will hear the echo, the flute player's breath and clatter of the different organ registers... = DIE ZEIT.

Exciting New Binaural Sampler CD from Britain!
Binaural - The Demo S-10 $18
Mike Skeet is a binaural-positive recording engineer. He has fashioned some of his own mike systems, including a dummy head into the back of which a digital MiniDisc recorder has been installed for a completely portable package that goes anywhere. And Mike went just about everywhere with it to put together this unique collection of music, locations, voices, events, happenings and even history... He designed it for a high quality headphone listening experience. If you think MiniDisc is just a consumer digital format, experiencing this sampler might change your mind. The 60 different tracks include such startling binaural demos as bell-ringing in the belfry, a steam engine passing right over your toes, a thunderstorm that beats any of the others in our catalog, a party with a jazz group that easily outclasses the "you are there" feeling of the famous Jazz in the Pawnshop , some choir excerpts in which you can easily locate each singer in the ensemble, and some of the usual walking-around-the dummy-head-and-laughing demos. [Esoteric Binaural Label, 60 min.]


This new CD puts you in 15 exciting locations around Londontown - Westminster Abbey, St. Paul's, Covent Garden, Piccadilly Circus among them. Hear Big Ben, the Changing of the Guard and Parade of the Horse Guards, speeches at the Speaker's Corner, and take a ride on the Tube! Transports you from you listening room to the heart of the British capital. Recorded on the spot with specially-designed in-ear binaural mikes and portable DAT recorder. [3D Audio label, London, 52 min.]

Favorite tracks selected from the five CDs that Michel Bayan's Psycho-Acoustical Laboratories has developed using binaural acoustical environments and music to neutralize the effects of stress and anxiety; a great way to sample this innovative series of recordings.




SOUNDS OF NATURE - Sampler E-31 CD $16
Virtual Audio Environments recorded by Chuck Plaisance, who traveled the globe with his Aachen Head mike system to create a 20-CD catalog of sounds ranging from the rainforest to the Mohave desert and Pacific Ocean. Sampler has an excerpt of over 3 minutes each from every one of the complete set of sounds.

NEW! We now also offer three of the most popular of the Sounds of Nature series =

OCEAN WAVES - E-33  $16



A NIGHT IN THE CANYON - E-35  $16 - Sounds of coyotes, deer, elk, owls and the night wind.

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