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The Binaural Source

ABOUT US: THE BINAURAL SOURCE has been in business for over a dozen years. It grew out of the national radio program AUDIOPHILE AUDITION, which aired for over 13 years on up to 200 stations coast to coast. Listeners found they were unable to obtain the rare binaural recordings that were aired twice annually on the program. (Record shop clerks have never heard of binaural.) We are the exclusive importer of most of our specialized CDs & cassettes, plus offering many domestic binaural CDs not available in stores. We operate on a strictly mail order basis.

  Let us know what you think of our unique sound world. We love hearing from our customers. Feel free to ask any questions you don't find answered on our FAQs page. Bookmark us and check back regularly!    


If you feel any of our CDs' catalog descriptions ill-prepared you for what you heard and you simply don't like the music, you may exchange it for another - within reason - as long as it is undamaged (no claw scratches please) and within 30 days of the purchase date. Before sending please call us to arrange for selection of an in-stock replacement(s) on a roughly dollar-for-dollar basis. Then pack carefully to insure that the jewel box is not cracked in shipment. We will ship the replacement(s) promptly at our cost providing we have received your return CD undamaged. This offer is only for domestic U.S. customers.


We don't share or sell our names/addresses, period. Your credit card information is quickly downloaded from our site using password protection and then deleted on the site. You will be perfectly safe leaving your credit card information on either our voicemail or via fax (but not a good idea via email).


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